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Client: ProQure

Service: Website Design & Development, Branding & Graphic Design, Digital Marketing

Industry: Procurement

Release Date: April 23, 2020

Project Description

We have been fortunate enough to work with ProQure, formally known as AMAC Solutions – a team of indirect procurement specialists helping SME’s uncover hidden profits within their business.  

To help bring ProQure’s marketing and branding in line with company growth, we created a new visual identity; logo, colour palette and typography that would fit in with the professional services industry but not blend in.  

When we started the logo design, the idea of using a pie chart with a highlighted segment stood out from the rest as it conveyed a message; businesses can reduce their indirect procurement costs with the help of ProQure. We ran with the idea and after trying multiple variations, we stuck with the logo design you see here.  

During the research stage, we saw that each competitor was using a primary blue colour palette and that larger organisations were using dark purples and black. As we wanted ProQure to fit in the industry but to not be the same as everyone else we chose to use a dark blue-green as the primary colour with an orange-yellow as its contrasting complementary colour.  

To reflect ProQure’s approachable personality we chose a typeface with more circular and open characteristics that was also easy to read, had a good flow and was versatile as headings and text body.  

With positive feedback on the new visual identity we then began adding the new branding to the website we were designing and printed marketing materials such as business cards and headed paper.  

During the web design, we focused on the customer and how they could get the information they needed and book an appointment in just one click. We achieved this by using a combination of web design and copywriting to tell a story. In order for the website to perform well on search engines we completed a full SEO overview ranging from image and text optimisation, server optimisation to keywords and much more.  

After a successful rebranding launch, we were asked to design further work which included roller banners for an exhibition and a presentation.  

Working with the team at ProQure has been a pleasure as we always love to help bring ideas into action. If you are interested in achieving the same for your own business, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.