About Us

Creative Meta is an Essex based digital agency offering startups and small to medium-sized businesses complete website, branding and digital marketing services.

We are a team of creative and business minds who love what we do, especially when a client comes back smiling. Our approach to each project is practical, measurable and aesthetically design focused to ensure you receive high quality and well-priced resources that work for your business.

Whether you are just starting up or are an established business in need of a change, we can help you to develop your resources and make them work for your business.  

If you are interested in any of our services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’d love to talk.

Projects we're proud of
social media graphics
New social media graphics to capture the attention of the target audience

Red Recruit Global, a long-term client, approached us to develop their social media graphics in order to capture the attention of their target audience and to expand their reach into new social media platforms.

Take a look at our social media branding project

Furthering our earlier rebranding project with ProQure, we were tasked with creating new social media branding to help ProQure build their brand on social media and reach a larger audience.

Website Design Digital Agency Case Study - Hot Coffee Books
Web Design for Hot Coffee Books

In 2020, we partnered with Hot Coffee Books on a web design project. For a publishing company focusing on ‘new media’ methods, it was essential to create a modern, mobile and user-friendly website that captured more clients online.   

What our clients have to say
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