Red Recruit

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Client: Red Recruit Ltd

Service: Website Design & Development, Branding & Graphic Design, Digital Marketing

Industry: Recruitment

Release Date: November 16, 2016


Project Description

Red Recruit Global is a recruitment consultancy putting the human element back into recruitment, by valuing honesty and transparency and committing to ethical recruitment practices. Specialising in shipping and logistics, Red Recruit works on a national and international level. 

Red Recruit first came to us, as an established business, asking to develop their marketing activities, materials and branding in line with company growth. Once we had a complete picture of the business and industry, we started developing a new website, marketing material and copywriting.  

We decided to move Red Recruit away from WordPress and design a website using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP. This allowed for far more freedom in terms of design and structure. It was clear the website needed clearly defined areas for both of the target customers, candidates and employers, to remove any confusion for each user and to quickly provide them with the relevant information and actions. Another key navigational requirement was for candidates to be able to complete job searches within 3 clicks of landing on the site.  

For website development, we provided SEO services to ensure the website organically displays higher on search engines, along with an SSL Certificate to guarantee users the website is trustworthy. We also provide ongoing website management and maintenance services to make sure the website runs smoothly and is kept updated with new content. 

We developed new visuals and customer-focused copy to better resonate with customers and better represent the company and implemented our new ideas in marketing materials; brochures, stationery, exhibition materials and social media graphics, using Adobe Illustrator and InDesign. 

We have built a long-lasting relationship with Red Recruit and continue to work together on ongoing projects such as social media management, content creation and website management and maintenance. If you are interested in similar services for your own business, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.