Website Design & Development

Website Design & Development Services

We offer a full range of website design and development services to suit any business. Whether you need to get your company up and running with all of the following services or are just looking for an individual service, you can find what you need here. 

Website Design

Your website needs to work for your business, whether that’s selling products, sharing information or building a community. We design fully responsive and mobile-friendly websites that work towards your goals.  

Whether you need a one-page website, starting at £150, or a multi-page site along with our other website, branding and marketing services, we can help. We start the project off with a phone call to get to know you and your needs. We then send over a questionnaire that dives into the details, and from there we start researching your business, industry and market to design a website that will work for you.  Take a look at our previous projects and give us a call.  

You can also contact us for small changes to existing websites such as a new page, banner or contact form.  

  • A responsive, mobile friendly website design that works towards business goals
  • Starting from a one-page website at £150
  • Get the full package by adding your choice of web development, branding and digital marketing services

Search Engine Optimisation brings more organic traffic to your website and more opportunities to convert prospects into customers. If you are struggling to get visibility on key search engines, we offer a Full Website SEO Health Checkup and SEO Maintenance.  

Full Website SEO Health Checkup: To make your website run faster and organically display higher, we go through your entire website and content checking everything is up to standard and preforming as it should.  

Once our Full Website SEO Health Check is complete, we will provide you with a detailed report on SEO performance and advice on what to do next, from there you can then choose to proceed with any SEO positive changes your site may require.  

SEO Maintenance: It’s important to ensure that your SEO is still relevant and performing the best it can. This can be once a month or every 3 months and will help to maintain/ improve your organic SEO standing.

  • Full Website SEO Health Checkup
  • SEO Maintenance
Website Security

Website security protects everyone’s data, and in turn, protects a business’s online traffic and reputation. Secure your online business by letting us take care of your website security. This includes scanning and removing any vulnerabilities, implementing hack protection and ensuring correct security protocols.   

To ensure your website is trustworthy and users will not become vulnerable to threatsyou need an SSL Certificate. We provide SSL certificates that run for 12 months. 

  • A secure website, trusted by users
  • Full Security Checkups
  • SSL Certificate
Website Management & Maintenance

As your business and services grow, you need someone you can rely on to manage and maintain your websiteWhen you want to add new content, pages or sort out a problem, you can count on us and our extensive background in website design and development to do it for you.  

We maintain your website for you, so it is always performing at its very best. You don’t need to worry about security threats, outdated SEO or underperforming elements, we will ensure, your website is secure, up to date and running as it should with regular maintenance and full security checkups. 

  • A website support team for when you most need it
  • Website Updates
  • Regular Maintenance
  • Full Security Checkups
Website Hosting - COMING SOON

This service will soon be available. Contact us for more information. 

Our Latest Projects
social media graphics
New social media graphics to capture the attention of the target audience

Red Recruit Global, a long-term client, approached us to develop their social media graphics in order to capture the attention of their target audience and to expand their reach into new social media platforms.

Take a look at our social media branding project

Furthering our earlier rebranding project with ProQure, we were tasked with creating new social media branding to help ProQure build their brand on social media and reach a larger audience.

Website Design Digital Agency Case Study - Hot Coffee Books
Web Design for Hot Coffee Books

In 2020, we partnered with Hot Coffee Books on a web design project. For a publishing company focusing on ‘new media’ methods, it was essential to create a modern, mobile and user-friendly website that captured more clients online.   

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