How to write effective content for your business
How to write effective content for your business

How to write effective content for your business

Regularly updating your website with new content helps your business stay relevant and competitive online. Both quality and quantity determine whether or not it is worthwhile for your business. With the help of a copywriter, it not so hard for you, but what if you want to go it alone and write it yourself? Here’s our advice for improving your written content. 

Pay attention to the headline  

The headline plays a large role in attracting and engaging your audience. Ask yourself, “If my target audience was searching for this information, what would they search for?” Write the headline with this search in mind and with the keywords in the title.   

Do the research  

Even if you have a good understanding of what you are writing about, do some research. That way, you can be sure you are presenting correct information on the topic. Research also allows you to find any other factual information such as stats or data to make up your claims and establish credibility.   

Focus on the key message  

When you are planning the content, focus on the key message you want to give. Keep this in mind when you start to write and make sure you come back to this main point when necessary.   

Keep the tone of voice in mind 

It’s important to consistently write using the same tone of voice. The tone of voice you use should be specific to your brand, target audience and business goals.  

Optimise for digital  

Does digital content differ from what you are used to? For the best digital content, use short paragraphs, sentences or bulleted/ numbered lists and include keywords for SEO. Information is best absorbed in small bitesize chunks.   

Edit and proofread  

Allow a small amount of time in between writing and publishing. Having a small break will allow you to come back and spot any errors or problems with flow. Writing often improves after a couple of edits.   

Regular content can improve your website traffic and visibility on search engines such as Google and Bing, as they push regularly updated websites higher on results. Make sure what you are producing is quality to ensure your visitors turn into regular visitors and customers.  

Keeping your website updated, relevant and user friendly is essential. For more information, take a look at our article 5 reasons to update your website.

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