The value of a business blog

Article and Blog Writing: The value of a business blog 

No matter the type of business or industry you are in, a business blog can be a great way to reach your marketing goals. When done right, it can drive traffic to your website, improve your search engine rankings and help you to establish authority in your industry. Let’s dive into the value of a business blog:  

Drives website traffic 

SEO is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your website. By creating SEO optimised articles that address issues your audience care about, you can encourage more traffic to your site and generate more interest around your business.   

Businesses that publish 16 or more posts per month receive 3.5 times more traffic than those who publish fewer than four posts.

HubSpot, 2019

Improves your search engine rankings   

It can be difficult getting the right number of keywords throughout your website copy. A blog allows you to naturally incorporate these keywords in the appropriate context on your website without affecting how your website reads or ranks.   

Search engines favour new and original content. A regularly updated blog is more likely to rise in search engines rankings and be seen by your target customers.    

Bloggers say the most important factor for success is the quality of content.  

Growthbadger, 2019

Establishes authority in your industry  

A business blog that consistently provides valuable content not only helps you to establish authority in your industry. It also increases awareness of what you are offering and your chances of your readers returning and buying.  

60% of consumers say blog posts are valuable in the early stages of the buying process. 

Demandgenreport, 2019

Boosts brand awareness and social media presence 

It’s not just search engines that favour new and original content. So do social media networks and their users, making social media one of the best places to share your latest blog post. The more people see and interact with your content, the more your brand gets known and the more traffic to your website.   

97% of bloggers use social media to promote their blog posts.

Statista, 2020

A business blog is a cost-effective and easy way to promote your business and reach many of your marketing goals. If you are considering starting a blog for your business, make sure to spend plenty of time researching and planning. Getting the strategy right at the beginning can save you later down the line.   

Many reasons may be stopping you from getting your business blog up and running. If you need any help writing and building a successful blog, you can always give us a call and check out our Content Writing and Copywriting service.   

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