Business Marketing Tips

8 business marketing tips to help your business

We know you are busy so let’s get straight to the point. Here are 8 business marketing tips to help your business

Learn from those around you 

From the large corporation to the company round the corner, learn from what others are doing right and wrong around you. 

Stand out 

Your message must stand out from the rest so that your potential customers are drawn to you, this starts with a unique first impression. Take a peek at some here.

Share knowledge… if you want 

Share knowledge you are comfortable with and empower your potential customer. When you add value to your message, you’ll see the return. 

Work on SEO 

SEO… our advice, call a professional. Our SEO hotline is 

Improve website navigation 

Use words that your visitors would use and words that your visitors are searching for because it’s fewer clicks for the user and helps search engines indicate your relevance. 

Optimise your website load speeds 

Optimise your website load speeds. Minimise your photo file sizes as much as possible while still maintaining good quality. Not sure what or how give us a shout. 

Tell your story visually 

Help your message become more actionable by telling your story visually with social media graphics, banners and presentations. Need some new graphics? Head over here.

Take a break 

Stop for a second, whether that’s 5 minutes, an extended lunch or even a holiday. Don’t underestimate the value of spending time away from your work.