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Marketing Materials – The Logistics Association

How to prepare effective marketing materials for your business

Marketing materials are essential tools that every business needs, whether you want to boost social media activity with branded social media graphics, onboard new customers with digital brochures and PDFs or compete online with a business website. In this article, we have put together our best advice to help you prepare marketing materials for your business that drive growth. 

Understand which marketing materials you need   

With so many different marketing materials to choose from, it can be easy to get carried away and order something that might not be relevant for your business. Start by looking at your marketing goals and think about what are you looking to achieve and what options are the best fit for your needs. (You can find some examples in the introduction above.)  

Make sure to have a good look at which marketing materials are available, you may find something new you have not heard of before that could be beneficial for your business.   

Understand who you want to attract 

Make sure you know who your target audience is. You can do this by building a customer profile, which usually defines who they are, their interests and values. Understanding who you want to attract will guide which marketing materials you choose to use and their design. 

Gather inspiration and reference imagery 

Spend some time looking at what other people are doing and if it catches your eye, save it. You can save it as a mood board in a PowerPoint or set up a Pinterest board and invite your team to add to it. As you gather more inspiration and reference imagery, you can use them to inform your marketing materials concepts and designs.  

Compile your information and branding assets 

Before you start the design, compile the information on your company and branding assets you will use, this generally includes:   

  • Business Name and Tagline 
  • Logo  
  • Contact Information 
    • Phone Number 
    • Email Address 
    • Website 
    • Business Address  
  • Sales Copy 
  • Colour Palette  
  • Fonts 
  • Tone of Voice  
  • Images, Graphics and Videos  

Attract and engage with quality design and copywriting 

Marketing materials will only work as tools to help drive business growth if they attract and engage with your customer. Use your customer profiles to help guide your design and copywriting to ensure you appeal to your market. Go for a refined and formal feel if you want to attract top CEOs and directors or fun and energetic for a lively university crowd.   

If you make sure you consistently craft clear and concise copy that showcases your business’s personality, and design that reflects your brand, your marketing materials will continue to work as tools for your business and drive growth.   

We hope you have found this article useful in preparing effective materials for your business. If you need any help with your project, we are experienced in graphic design, marketing and copywriting and would love to help. Please don’t hesitate to look at our previous work and get in touch.  

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