Knowing when to update your Logo Design

Knowing when to update your Logo Design 

As timeless as some logos may appear, there comes a time when they stop working and can even start to harm a brand, but how do you know when to update your logo design? 

Can your logo be scaled up or down and still be legible? 

Your logo must work well across all mediums and at all sizes. Can your logo be scaled up or down and still be legible? Does it look good both in print and web? If your logo doesn’t look good, moving from your website or social media to a large poster, then it’s time to consider a new logo design.  

If a new logo design is out of the question, consider a logo update, which can involve modifying your logo to ensure it is legible or creating new versions that work at different sizes. 

Has your logo grown with your business? 

Whether you have branched out into new services or developed better products, your business grows and may not the same as when you first started. Consequently, your logo design can stop representing what you do and who you do it for. Ask yourself whether your logo accurately represents your business, and if not, it’s ready for an update.   

If you work on rebranding your business, make sure you update your logo at the same time. Your logo is an essential part of your business’s branding and should reflect your overall brand.    

Is your logo outdated? 

As timeless as some logos may appear, there comes a time when they stop working and can even start to harm a brand. If your logo is outdated, it can give the impression that the rest of your business is not at the top of its game.   

An outdated logo doesn’t have to an old logo. A logo that relies too heavily on a trend that suddenly appears everywhere can be an issue. You need a logo that exists outside of trends that will last for some time. For inspiration, look at big companies like Instagram, Microsoft and Starbucks, who are always updating their logo to ensure they are moving with the times and appealing to their target audience. 

Was your logo designed by a professional?  

As a professional logo design company, we have heard many logo design projects starting with a google search. Where can I design my own logo or logo design free will only get you so far. If you or the person who designed your logo have limited design skills/knowledge and you’re looking to make your company more professional, it’s time to call in the specialists.   

A great logo should look good in both print and web and work for your current business. If you feel your logo is not supporting your business, then it’s time for a new one. For logo design services, you can always give us a call. 

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