Website Design - Hot Coffee Books
Website Design – Hot Coffee Books

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In 2020, we partnered with Hot Coffee Books on a web design project. Hot Coffee Books is a publishing company based in London with Nigerian roots, who focus on bringing authentic books from bright African minds into the international limelight and combine ‘old media’ experience and culture with ‘new media’ methods. Dedicated to the spirit of partnership and innovation, Hot Coffee Books bridges the gap between African writers and global consumers. 

For a publishing company focusing on ‘new media’ methods, it was essential to create a modern, mobile and user-friendly website that captured more clients online.    

Before we started the web design, we spoke with Hot Coffee Books about the details and goals of the project, to gain a complete picture of what they wanted to achieve. A major priority was to attract users to the e-store, portfolio and e-library, to do so, we used prominent call to actions throughout the website as well as giving each feature a central space on the website. With this, we were able to get started on designing a website that worked with their goals.    

In terms of design, it was important for our client to use shades of coffee brown. We choose to use a light shade of brown to complement colourful illustrations placed throughout the website, helping the website stand out.    

For website development, we provided SEO services to ensure the website organically displays higher on search engines, along with an SSL Certificate to guarantee users the website is trustworthy. We also provide ongoing website management and maintenance services to make sure the website runs smoothly.   

We enjoyed working and understanding more about what Hot Coffee Books has to offer, if you would like to see some more pictures, head over to our projects and if you want to talk about your own web design project, don’t hesitate to get in touch.