The Importance of Physical Marketing in the Digital Era

The Importance of Physical Marketing in the Digital Era

In a time when digital marketing reigns, what are some of the benefits of using physical marketing?  

Diversity from digital marketing channels 

As digital marketing spaces are now overflowing with content, it’s much harder to stand out. Flyers, leaflets and printed ads are much more likely to stick with the viewer and provide better long-term brand recognition and credibility than the website banner you may have just scrolled past.  

Many companies are also turning to physical or traditional marketing as there are upcoming changes to online privacy, making it more difficult to track and reach customers. 

Brand awareness and loyalty 

Physical marketing can offer a way to connect more intimately with customers, the chance to craft a stronger relationship and add a personal touch that automated emails often miss.   

Sending a customer something worthwhile and physical gives them something to hold on to and a tangible connection to your brand, product or service. Wearable items are great at reinforcing your brand. The more someone sees your name and logo, the more likely they are to recognise and consider your business. Samples allow the customer to experience the benefit of your product and have the power to turn both curiosity and uncertainty into a sale.  

Reach specific audiences 

Physical marketing can reach where technology can’t and can be customised to appeal to a specific target audience. A poster, leaflet or display stand can create a point of difference and enable your product or service to stand out and get noticed.  

When used together, physical and digital marketing can build brand awareness, loyalty, a customer base and help you stand out from the crowd. Now more than ever, companies are realising the value of physical marketing when more and more screens are being turned off. For advice and assistance, you can always give us a call.

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